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10 alternative Valentine’s Day ideas for singles and nonconformists

Who says you have to be in a relationship or go out on a traditional date to have fun on Valentine’s Day? Kokopelli staff members put their heads together this week and came up with 10 worthwhile and fulfilling ways for singles and nonconformists to spend their Heart Day this year.

olunteer your time in ways that spreads love to those who may be alone or otherwise unattached. Why not take chocolate hearts to nursing homes or deliver puppuccinos to your local animal shelter?
sk someone you don’t normally speak to or even a total stranger how they’re doing.

Who says you have to be in a relationship to have fun on Valentine’s Day? (Illustration by Sydney Huber/Kokopelli)

ove yourself. Maybe it’s treating yourself to a haircut or spa day, or taking a short staycation or day off work.
xercise. Instead of sitting at home feeling alone, why not go for a bike ride in the sun or a walk or a run or just spend some time working on your body?
ourish your soul. Maybe it’s calling your mom or grandparent, listening to an old album, or taking time to be still and meditate.
ravel to some place new. Maybe it’s as simple as taking the long way home, driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood, or stepping outside your geographical comfort zone.
nvite a friend or family member out for a non-date excursion.
eed a break? Put your phone on DND and read a book, write in your journal, or simply take a nap.
mbrace your inner child. Why not go to the park to swing or watch your favorite childhood movie?
pread love and kindness wherever you go, always, and not just on Valentine’s Day.
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