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AggieVision provides live broadcast experience to students

Welcome to an inside look at AggieVision, a video production team at New Mexico State University.

AggieVision works in conjunction with KRWG-TV as the special productions unit covering NMSU athletic events. The network began in 2006 and has been working with ESPN and FOX Sports to help push its shows across the nation.

AggieVision is “one of the only broadcast groups in the nation to utilize students,” according to head engineer Juan Rodriguez.

With minimal experience, students can become a part of the AggieVision team in many different positions, including  camera operators, audio/video engineers and technical directors. There are only three positions held by non-students: producer, director and head engineer.

Former head engineer for AggieVision, Patrick Walters, values his experience with AggieVision.

AggieVision staff work the control truck adjacent to the NMSU softball field. (Photo courtesy of NMSU)

“My time at AggieVision was extremely effective. It ultimately trained me to be consistent for long hours under high-pressure live broadcasts, and now I feel prepared for any live environment,” Walters said.

AggieVision also provides experience to student employees.

“AggieVision prepares our students for future careers in media with hands-on experience that’s not typically found at universities,” said Vince Conway, AggieVision’s general manager/producer.

For over a decade, broadcasts produced by AggieVision have competed with those produced by professional crews. Several video clips have made their way onto ESPN segments such as SportsCenter Top 10, gaining national exposure for student work.

AggieVision has partnered with Comcast, Fox Sports Altitude, Fox Sports Arizona, ESPN3, local ABC affiliate KVIA, and, most recently, Eleven Sports. These partnerships are made possible by New Mexico State athletics’ multimedia rights holder, Learfield. Learfield manages all aspects of the rights relationship including signage, videoboards, in-game promotions, game day sponsorships, print advertising and online exposure.

This academic year, Learfield joined Eleven Sports on a multi-year agreement. Eleven Sports is available to 50 million homes in the United States, creating national exposure for AggieVision.

Currently, AggieVision employs 20 NMSU students. Interested students are encouraged to apply at the beginning of each semester, although résumés and demo reels are accepted throughout the year.

“The sky is the limit here. The tools are available to you, and it’s all what you make of it,” said Alex Sigala, a student audio engineer.

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