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ASNMSU elections underway

ASNMSU elections are currently underway. The president and vice president seats are up for grabs, as well as several senate seats across various colleges.

ASNMSU presidential and vice-presidential candidates (top row from left): Melina Burnside, Evan Conner, Reyaun Francisco and Salma Lopez. Bottom row, from left: Ana Maldonado, Ryan May, Jonathan Ortiz and Alexander Warner-Garrett. (Courtesy Photos)
(Kokopelli staff photo)

The following five students are running for ASNMSU president: Alexander Warner-Garrett, Evan Conner, Jonathan Ortiz, Reyaun Francisco and Ryan May. All of the candidates have experience working with ASNMSU. Warner-Garrett, Ortiz and Francisco are current senators; Ryan May is the current Director of Community Outreach; and Evan Conner is the former comptroller.

Three candidates have vice presidential running mates, all of whom are current senators. Ana Maldonado, a sophomore majoring in biochemistry, is running alongside Ryan May. Melina Burnside, a social work major and resident assistant in Garcia Hall, is running with Evan Conner. Salma Lopez, a kinesiology major involved in the NMSU Lady Chile Rugby Club and LGBT+ programs, is running with Jonathan Ortiz.

Nineteen students are running for senate seats across seven colleges, including the Graduate School. For more information on these candidates, along with the presidential and vice presidential candidates, check out the ASNMSU voter’s guide. To vote, visit elections.nmsu.edu between now and March 15.

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