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ASNMSU president to be determined in runoff elections

A runoff election for ASNMSU president is taking place this week after none of the presidential candidates was able to get the 50 percent plus one votes needed to be elected during regular elections last week.

Evan Conner and Jonathan Ortiz are the candidates facing off. Conner, a former ASNMSU comptroller, earned 714 of the 1,753 votes from the regular elections, while Ortiz, a senior ASNMSU senator in the College of Engineering, earned 336 votes.

The ballot also includes an amendment to the ASNMSU law book making the minimum number of senators for each college two instead of one. There is also a poll regarding the possible amendment to the academic calendar to include a two- or three-day or weeklong break in the fall semester along with the Thanksgiving break.

Whoever wins the election will serve next semester alongside Vice President-elect Melina Burnside, who was Conner’s running mate.  The candidates took part in a runoff debate on Monday. A recording of the debate was posted on the ASNMSU Facebook page.

To vote in the runoff election visit elections.nmsu.edu. Polls are open until 5 p.m. this Friday.

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