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Corbett east entrance closed due to mold

As the spring semester of 2022 rolled around, many changes were noticeable on campus. Mask mandates were lifted in February and events which were once uncertain were quickly becoming a reality. But not all the changes to campus were as welcomed as these.

An obvious disturbance to one of the most common spots on campus was also visible. The Corbett Center Student Union, where many students and staff enjoy a place to study, catch up with peers and eat, saw a change to one of its entrances as it was blocked off with yellow caution tape and warning signs.

A “danger” sign printed in Spanish marks the construction zone near the east end of Corbett Center in early April 2022. The east end of the building including the east exterior entrance has been closed all semester due to problems with mold caused by a steam leak. The repairs are now complete and the east end of the building is expected to reopen any day. (Photo by Neida Gutierrez/Kokopelli)

Many students had no clue what was happening. “When coming back to campus for the spring semester, I was unaware that there was work being done at Corbett. It was sort of a surprise to me, ” said sophomore student Alexa Marrufo.

The closure of the east entrance to the building was due to mold growing. “The entrance is closed to protect entering occupants from construction debris hazards, and is being used as the construction access point,” said executive director of project development and engineering, Robert Herrera. 

Many different things have to be repaired in order for the building to be fully opened again. “The issue was caused by a steam leak, which was repaired. Interior repairs included mold remediation, window glazing, drywall, drop ceiling and insulation replacement,” Herrera said.

Soon, all construction will end, and the entrance will be reopened. “All mold remediation is completed. We are currently working on patching drywall, punch list, and window glazing. All construction activity is anticipated to be completed by mid-April,” Herrera said.

Students are excited about being able to use this entrance again. “I’m happy to be able to use the entrance since it’s the closest to the dorms and the reopening will definitely make it more convenient,” Marrufo said.

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