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Demystifying student fees

Students at New Mexico State University enjoy several services on campus that come with being enrolled at the university. While these services may appear to be free, students actually pay for the services through their student fees.

Each student enrolled at NMSU pays mandatory student fees every semester. According to University Accounts Receivable, the current student fee rate is $48.80 per credit hour or a flat fee of $732 for 15 or more credit hours. These rates are the same for undergraduates, graduates, residents and non-residents.

The Corbett Center Student Union houses many amenities made available to students through student fees, including printing stations, a computer lab, study rooms, a game room and a fitness center. (Photo by Kokopelli Staff)

These fees cover several services at NMSU. The fees provide access to computer labs, tutoring resources, printing stations and funds, on-campus libraries, and health and wellness services, among other resources. Paying an upfront student fee allows students to use these services without having to pay each time a service is used.

Anthony Kennedy, an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering, makes use of several benefits funded by student fees, including printing allowances, access to Corbett Center amenities, and ASNMSU services. He believes these services are beneficial for students.

“They’re such a great resource for us to have,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy also believes students should be more informed about the services being provided through their student fees.

“Students don’t really take advantage of the great resources that they offer here. They don’t realize it, but they’re paying for these resources,” Kennedy said.

Estrella Gomez, a graduate student studying speech language pathology, believes the student fees are fair given the services they cover.

“With the services we get, it’s appropriate for the amount we get charged, and it’s up to the student to want to take advantage of those opportunities,” Gomez said.

In recent years, the student fees have increased. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the fees increased by $1.40 per credit hour and by $21 for the flat rate for 15 or more credit hours compared to the 2017-2018 academic year.

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