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Green card makes all the difference

The United States has always been considered a melting pot.  People from all different races, origins and countries come here seeking a better future for their children or for themselves.

Sebastian Martinez came to the U.S. from Guatemala, in Central America.  He has been living in El Paso since he was two years old, but recently moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to attend college.

Martinez is now studying computer science at NMSU, and his goal is to attend graduate school and get a good-paying job. He is very thankful his family decided to come to the U.S. because now he is receiving a good education. Martinez is the first in his family to attend college.

All members of the Martinez family are permanent legal residents in the U.S., which means they each have a green card. Permanent residency allows Martinez to have a driver’s license and a job. He was able to enroll in school and do almost everything that a U.S. citizen can do, except voting or running for public office. He sometimes feels like people look at him differently because he is from another country.

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