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More about NMSU’s freshman quarterback: Gavin Frakes

Gavin Frakes was named a backup quarterback for the Aggies when he started his college career at NMSU. Frakes, a freshman, is from Norman, Oklahoma, and graduated from Norman North High School. Frakes says he’s always had a love for football and that it’s still going strong today.

NMSU quarterback, Gavin Frakes, throws the football to his teammate on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2022, during a game against the University of Minnesota. (Photo by Ben Krause courtesy of NMSU athletics)

“I started playing football when I was about five years old,” Frakes said.

After discovering his love for football, Frakes joined the football team in middle school and high school where he got his experience as a quarterback.

It was in high school when he stepped into the role of starting quarterback for the first time. He was a senior during the fall of 2021 when he was officially selected for this prominent role. During his experiences of being quarterback, Frakes’s previous coaches gave him different feedback for how he played.

“Usually, they have a balance of good and bad feedback,” Frakes said.

After graduating from high school, Frakes had offers from different universities such as Houston Baptist, Penn State University, Princeton and Yale. He was committed to Princeton until he decommitted. After changing his mind about Princeton, Frakes decided to become an Aggie and joined the NMSU community.

Frakes’s shared his reasoning for choosing to play for NMSU.

NMSU quarterback, Gavin Frakes, winds up to throw the football during practice. (Photo courtesy of New Mexico State Athletics)

“The coaching staff,” Frakes said. “The coaches are really good people.”

Jerry Kill, head coach of the NMSU football team, says that it is not easy to be a true freshman and also be a quarterback for a team of this level.

“Gavin has all kinds of abilities,” Kill said. “He’s a true freshman and he still has a lot to learn, just like I did when I was a freshman.”

For his future, Frakes has big goals and dreams about his football career after he graduates from NMSU.

“I want to go play with the NFL,” Frakes said. “My favorite team is the Cowboys, so it would be nice to play with them, but I will be very blessed to play with any team.”

People will be able to see Frakes play in the upcoming game on Saturday, Oct. 1, at 6 p.m. against Florida International University at Aggie Memorial Stadium.

“He brings athleticism and a big arm,” Kill said. “His future is bright as he learns more throughout his time at NMSU.”

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