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NMSU Global Campus on the rise

A leader in online education in the state, NMSU Global Campus provides over 70 bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and certificate programs at a flexible pace for students who are unable to participate in in-person meetings. 

NMSU Global Campus is leading online education in New Mexico and offers a wide variety of degree programs which accommodate students who are unable to attend in-person classes. (Illustration by Josh Montoya / Kokopelli)

With a full-time online student enrollment of over 1,600, the majority of NMSU Global Campus courses are asynchronous, eight-week courses that allow students to earn their degree in a timely manner. According to ASNMSU President Garrett Moseley, a notable percentage of enrolled students are people who have returned to school to complete undergraduate degrees they previously started or  people who took time off after completing their undergraduate degrees before beginning master’s degree programs online. 

NMSU Global Campus is currently ranked nationally in multiple categories, and appears to be growing rapidly based on current enrollment numbers.

“We have seen a huge surge in students that participate in NMSU Global and it’s been continuing to grow since it was implemented,” said ASNMSU President Garrett Moseley. “At the legislature, it was 25 million [dollars] for NMSU Global to be able to advertise it and really allow it to grow.”

NMSU Global Campus is being advertised on billboards, local television stations and a few streaming services. 

“NMSU is a land grant university, so it helps that we are the first in the state to offer this program to students in or out of state,” said NMSU Global administrator Robbie Grant.

“The thing of NMSU Global is one, we are kind of already leading the way … NMSU Global is really striving to be the leaders of online education in New Mexico and regionally,” Moseley said.

For more information on NMSU Global and the degree opportunities they provide click here.

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