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NMSU Juried Student Show awards art scholarships

Featuring a broad range of thought-provoking themes, art submissions from the Juried Student Show bring the walls of the Contemporary Gallery at the University Art Museum to life.   

The opening of two new exhibitions on March 22 allowed attendees to view student artwork from undergraduate and graduate students, alongside an award ceremony that distributed over $5,600 in scholarships to featured student artists.

Attendees of the Juried Student Show examine the painting “My Name is Yasmine” by NMSU student Yasmine Janhangiri on March 22, 2024 at the University Art Museum. (Photo by April Borjon/Kokopelli)

NMSU Art Museum Coordinator Jasmine Herrera said only 29 students out of 82 applicants were shown in the JSS exhibition. The show featured 32 works of art, juried by El Paso native Celia Álvarez Muñoz.  

“Students can submit up to three pieces and it can be any medium and any form of artwork,” Herrera said. “They are not all art students. Then, we bring in an outside juror, this year it was Celia Álvarez Muñoz who was actually our last artist from our last exhibit, and then she chooses the works.” 

With a semester of preparation, student intern Yasmine Jahangiri played a large role in planning the event by sending donor letters, completing paperwork and selecting the juror. The museum conservation major’s painting “My Name is Yasmine” was one of the pieces selected for display among the featured artists.

“My painting is about the relationship between my adult self and childhood self and finding pride in my heritage,” Jahangiri said. “My father is from Iran, and Yasmine is a Persian name, so it’s the adult and child version of myself.”  

By the end of the event, Jahangiri received one of the UAM scholarships amidst a room of attendees who each interpreted the painting in their own way. 

“I’m looking at it, and I feel a little bit related because it seems like it’s herself in the painting two times,” NMSU student Ximena Loman said. “[It’s] like her when she was a child and then her when she was an adult, and she’s taking care of herself as a kid, so that’s what I’m interpreting right now. I can tell with the flowers because the kid has flowers that are not blooming yet, but the adult version of her has blooming flowers.”   

NMSU student Jennifer Hazlett visits the opening of the Mata Ortiz: Highlights from the Lysbeth Warren Anderson Collection on March 22, 2024. The exhibition debuted with the Juried Student Show, and it will be available to the public until July 20, 2024. (Photo by April Borjon/Kokopelli)

Another student artist, Citlali Delgado, received the most awards between two of her featured paintings: Juror’s Best in Show, the Mary Lawbaugh Purchase Award and the A&S Dean’s Award. 

In the art gallery next to the JSS exhibition, the university curator used a recent donation to the NMSU Permanent Art Collection to present Mata Ortiz: Highlights from the Lysbeth Warren Anderson Collection. Juan Quezada led the contribution of Mata Ortiz ceramics, prints and pottery through work created by Lysbeth Warren Anderson, and the museum was overflowing with visitors due to the debut of the two exhibitions. 

The Mata Ortiz collection will be on display in the university museum until July 20, 2024, while the JSS will be available for viewing to the public until April 20, 2024.  

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