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NMSU students react to Trump’s election

The results of the presidential election surprised many people in the United States.

With many polls and experts anticipating the victory of Democrat Hillary Clinton, the triumph of Donald Trump left people wondering what is coming next for the country and how the newly elected president will deal with America’s most important issues.

Here are some reactions to the election outcome from members of the NMSU community:

Alia Kyle, criminal justice major

“It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, but it’s the way it is and we have to deal with it now. I think he is going to have a hard time changing everything because the process is really slow, even if he has the house and senate on his side. I don’t think much is going to change, hopefully.”  Alia Kyle, criminal justice major

Joe Martinez

“I’m not mad at the fact that Trump won. I’m disappointed in the fact that our nation has so many people that support what he stands for: racism, sexism, homophobia, a man who insulted and made fun of a reporter with disabilities. Him being president frightens me, for this will be the man my daughter and many other children will grow to see as the leader.  Please don’t tell people to stay calm. Let them feel their emotions, let them vent out and let them doubt the man, since this will be the only way that this man will prove us wrong.” Joe Martinez

Guillermo Juarez, psychology major

“I think it was alright. Not too many people support Trump, but I do, no offense or anything like that. I just don’t feel comfortable with a female running the whole country. Not discriminating females, but it’s a pretty big job.” Guillermo Juarez, psychology major

“I’m mad that because of people’s fear and stupidity, we are going to have, at best, a mediocre president. I feel sick to my stomach. Maybe I shouldn’t care about things so much. At least now I know that I’m smarter than half the country.” Jessie Walden

Erin Pacheco

“Now that Trump is president, I am afraid we are going to come into an era of political change that can lead to huge ramifications on a global and domestic scale. Our country has now been polarized and “cut in half” based on the same issues that divided us during Lincoln’s times. We are the last superpower left from the great World Wars because as a nation we haven’t crumbled and have to rebuild like our European counterparts have. Now our country is polarized and split in half over several key issues and I believe Trump being elected has become the straw that broke the camel’s back. Now sides will begin to take action fighting for what they believe in.” Eric Pacheco

“I would say that Trump winning is a result of the influence corporations and lobbyists have on our electoral system, especially after Citizens United was upheld by the supreme court. I think Hillary lost because she had a lot of negative relationships with members of congress, and the senate, who did not trust or like her to be president. Plus, the FBI investigation publicly announced really hurt her chances.” Jamil Espinal

Fred Garibay

“Trump won. I’m not upset about him winning like everyone else. I’m more in the middle. Whoever won, already won and we are just gonna have to live with it. With Trump, we are just going to have to wait and see what he has planned for America. Let’s see what kind of difference he makes. That is all I can say.” Fred Garibay

Taylor Atencio, pre-med major

“I’m pretty impartial on it. I voted for Trump. I wasn’t too upset. It was kind of a bad choice either way. It is what it is. Just go on living.” Taylor Atencio, pre-med major

Mabel Torres, business major

“Now that we know who our president is, what will happen to all those hard working people who are immigrants? Hopefully, we don’t get involved in a war between Mexico and the U.S.”  Mabel Torres

Oscar Rodriguez, education major

“I’m still in shock of knowing that my candidate didn’t win,” said Rodriguez. “It never crossed my mind that Trump would achieve his goal of being our next president. Took me some time to accept that he will decide my future.” Oscar Rodriguez, education major

Reporters: Yvonne Del Valle, Adrian Ortegon, Cameron Gause, Yahely Montelongo and April Rivera.

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