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NMSU’s Navigate app raises student success rates

Navigate Student Care is providing many benefits for New Mexico State University students this semester. 

The Navigate app makes life a little easier for NMSU students who take advantage of the app’s features, which include scheduling appointments, viewing class schedules and getting notified of any academic or financial holds. 

The Navigate app is used by over 850 colleges and universities throughout the nation, and it provides services for over 10 million students. (Photo courtesy of EAB)

The app was developed by the educational company EAB, whose primary mission is to make “education smarter and communities stronger.” According to information published on the company’s website, Navigate partners “see graduation rate increases of 3% to 15%.”

NMSU was first introduced to the Navigate app in fall 2018. Since then, there has been a rise in usage among faculty and students. This may be due to the Navigate presentation that is now included in the  freshmen orientation experience.  

When asking students how they initially heard about the Navigate app, NMSU student Blessing Madueke said she learned of the app’s services through summer orientation. 

“I found out about it on the second day of orientation,” Madueke said. “It has benefited me because I see my class schedule on there, and I can access resources and use it to make appointments.”  

The Navigate app provides NMSU students with the ability to schedule appointments, check on holds, find tutoring services, join study groups or even complete a FAFSA. (Image courtesy of NMSU)

Another NMSU student, Joshua Montoya, said that he also initially started using the app after orientation volunteers suggested it to him. “I’ll go to Navigate to make sure my classes in the fall are still at the same time,” Montoya said. “I make sure which classes are online and look to see where certain rooms are.”

The people who administer orientation every semester encourage students to download the Navigate app to receive help for school-related struggles.

The main reason the Navigate app was adopted at NMSU was to provide students with a tool that would help them improve their studies and enhance their overall college success rate. One of the perks of using the Navigate app is the ability to schedule appointments for a variety of concerns, including discussing financial aid, academic advising and tutoring.

“I’ve occasionally checked [Navigate] when I get a hold on my account when it’s time to register,” NMSU junior Mark Baugh said. This feature can be beneficial to NMSU students who have restrictions on their student account, as the Navigate app allows students to set up a meeting with their adviser to clear any holds that prevent them from registering for the next semester.  

Another popular feature of the Navigate app is the ability to find class schedules and room numbers. Along with many other students, Montoya has used the app since he was a freshman. 

“I would say Navigate is very useful,” Montoya said. “When I was a first-year, it helped me get to my classes whenever the instructor didn’t publish the course until the day of class.” 

For more information on how to use the app, visit https://navigate.nmsu.edu or email navigate@nmsu.edu. 

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