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Review: NMSU dance concert delivers thrilling performances

This past weekend, the NMSU Dance Program hosted “Reignite: A Dance Concert” March 1-3 at the ASNMSU Center for The Arts.

NMSU Dance Program showcases different dance styles at their “Reignite: A Dance Concert” performance March 3, 2024 at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts. (Photo by Jaclyn Ruiz/Kokopelli)

This event was widely talked about on campus, as it was the first performance of the year. I decided to attend one of these performances and give an honest review of my experience and thoughts on the dances. Initially entering the ASNMSU Center for the Arts, there were plenty of people and they were all very friendly.  

While purchasing our tickets, the fire alarm went off, so we all had to evacuate the building. Due to this inconvenience, it spoiled most of the dancewear that would be in the show, so that was a bummer. What I assumed to be just a drill delayed the concert by about an hour. During the unexpected evacuation, it gave me the chance to talk to some of the dancers and see what they were looking forward to in this performance.  

Clarivel Wong, a senior at NMSU performing for her very last time as an Aggie, shared her favorite part of this performance. “I think [about] it’s seeing the different types of dances,” Wong said. “There’re tons of different types, not just one contemporary piece or anything. There’s stuff from all over the world so I really enjoyed watching everyone perform.” She described her last performance as meaningful, different and extraordinary.  

NMSU Senior Clarivel Wong prepares to go on stage before her last performance with the NMSU Dance Program at the ASNMSU Center for the Arts March 3, 2024. (Photo by Jaclyn Ruiz/Kokopelli)

When we finally entered the building again, there was a big crowd, and I could feel the support that these dancers had from everyone in the auditorium. The opening act, “Latin Festival,” was so fun! I loved the different colors that were incorporated and the dance style, and it was a great way to set the mood for the rest of the performance.  

I have been to a couple of dance concerts, but it amazes me every time to see all of the different ways and emotions a dance can have. Every dance made me feel a certain way, and it helped me picture a story in my head. Act I was very unique and different, and it showed true emotion throughout the dances.  

“This dance really got the crowd involved, and we didn’t want them to get off the stage.”

During intermission, I was able to grab some snacks and prepare myself for the rest of the performance. Act II started with a bang! The dance “Son Di Me Terra” was so true to Mexican culture. It included NMSU’s Ballet Folklorico and Mariachi Band. This was by far my favorite dance of the performance. The dances afterward were really fun to watch as well, and I enjoyed the music and choreography. Especially the dance “Escapade,” an ’80s-inspired tap dance which was so much fun it made me dance in my seat.  

Overall, this was a great performance by the NMSU Dance Program. I enjoyed seeing so many different types of dance styles. Everything about this concert was very unique, and something I had never seen before. This is something I look forward to attending in the future. 

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