Rick Rotante, an American painter

I visited the Las Cruces Farmers Market and met an extraordinary man by the name of Rick Rotante. He was a gracious host who allowed me to photograph his art as well as discuss with him his joy for his work.

Rick has had a long journey to get to where he is now. He originally began as an actor and then became a musician before returning back to art. Rick has traveled from New York to California exploring various artistic outlets that he found interesting.

Rick Rotante is now in the City of the Crosses teaching at New Mexico State University, where he shares his wisdom and experiences with college students. I found his patience and passion to be refreshing and inspiring. Rick is a man who loves his craft and doesn’t worry about making small mistakes because that is “part of the process.”

Rick is a man of many talents who will continue pursuing his career as an artist because he truly finds happiness through what he does.

To know more about Rotate, click on the video below:

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  1. Thank you Lazarus for spending time with me and allowing me to express some feelings about my work . I feel the more people who onow about art and what goes i to making art, the better we all are in the end.

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