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Senior Walk offers time for students to reflect

During the opening week of the fall semester, first-year Aggies are invited to attend the First Year Walk. Starting at the Pan American Center, students walk through Miller Gate and end up at McFee Hall. Students are met there by the NMSU chancellor and welcomed to the Aggie family.

NMSU student Jazmin Anaya, right, poses for a photo with Pistol Pete near the Pan American Center at the close of the annual Senior Walk event. Anaya will graduate this semester with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. (Photo courtesy of NMSU)

During senior year, when students are about to graduate, they are invited to do the Senior Walk. Students start on the Horseshoe, walk back through Miller Gate and end up at the Pan American Center where graduation takes place.

On May 2, dozens of seniors and graduate students attended this event. It symbolizes the end of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Senior Jazmin Anaya is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and minors in marketing and advertising. Anaya is the first one in her family to graduate from college. She decided to take this walk because she is proud of her accomplishments and all the hard work she has done over the years. “The senior walk gave me an opportunity to say goodbye to all the good memories and hard times that I experienced as a student.”

Alfredo Nahum got his bachelor’s degree in Ensenada, Baja California, and decided to do his master’s here at NMSU. He expressed that he was excited to do the Senior Walk because his experience at NMSU was very intense and full of emotions.

“Doing the Senior Walk was a great opportunity for me and my closure process. Walking around NMSU and the main spots where I spent most of my time helped me analyze, reflect on my time as a student and to ‘let go’ of a lot of things as the end of this chapter is approaching,” Nahum said.

This writer will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and two minors in marketing and advertising. I decided to take this walk to create beautiful memories to share with my daughter one day. I want her to know about all the hard work I’ve done to reach my goals. I want to show her that no matter what life puts in front of her, it should never stop her from accomplishing what she loves and desires.

Also, walking with my friends made me feel like all the struggles were worth it!

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