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Spring break travel not a given

Spring break is always depicted as a fun time, especially for college students. Many movies and TV shows make spring break out to be a week of nonsense and fun. However, many question how COVID is affecting spring break for college students this year.

Spring break is upon us, but NMSU students are not in agreement about whether to travel as the threat of COVID lingers. (Photo courtesy of NMSU)

For many NMSU students, COVID is not stopping them from traveling. “Yes, for spring break I will be traveling back home to Belen, [and] then going to Midland just for a little vacation,” said NMSU freshman Breanna Norton.

Despite the restrictions that may impede students from traveling, spring break continues to be in full swing this year. “For me, COVID does not affect any of my plans, but I do believe some people will not be able to travel freely or have to get tested before being able to go,” Norton said.

However, many other students have decided that the best way to avoid being infected during this time is to avoid traveling entirely. “I will not be traveling this year for spring break,” said junior Mia Tontodonati. Many of these non-traveling students plan to rest and take personal time. “I think it’s important to take spring break to relax and reset for the rest of the semester. I also feel with COVID it’s not the smartest thing to travel around. I feel safer in my room resetting for the next few months,” Tontodonati said.

Many consider this week to be a good way to catch up in order to have a more successful rest of the semester. “I’m planning on kind of resetting my life. With school I tend to fall behind on other important things and responsibilities. I’m going get everything in a good place for the remainder of the spring semester,” Tontodonati said.

The overall consensus among NMSU students seems to be that traveling for spring break can possibly be safe if the right precautions are taken. “In terms of precautions, I think people should get tested before they leave and wash their hands all the time and keep their distance from certain people. And they should also get tested while they’re at the city that they’re visiting, just in case they did come in contact with somebody. It’s all about just taking care of yourself really and having consideration for those around you,” said junior Melissa Luna.

Overall, COVID restrictions are being loosened for everyone. Students have seen proof of this on campus as mask mandates have been lifted. Similarly, traveling seems to be easier for those who are choosing to do so. “I don’t think COVID restrictions are impacting spring break right now just because like with NMSU the mask mandate was taken away, so I don’t think it’s going to be much of an issue,” Luna said.

Spring break is here, and it has proven to be a time for students to both relax at home or travel. Regardless of how COVID restrictions are changing spring break, it continues to be a week that everyone is enjoying.



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