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Student injured in scooter accident

An accident took place on campus today involving a Spin scooter that sent one NMSU student to the emergency room.

NMSU police and fire officials respond to a scooter accident on campus near Milton Hall Thursday afternoon. The accident sent one student to the emergency room. (Photo courtesy of News 22)

Two students were riding a scooter outside Milton Hall when the driver of the scooter lost control and crashed. One rider’s  head reportedly struck a nearby wall. It is unclear whether either rider was wearing a helmet.

This is not the first incident in a which a Spin rider was injured while operating a scooter on campus. Some of these incidents reportedly involved reckless driving.

The Spin user agreement, which all users must agree to before operating the scooters, clearly states “only one person may ride a Spin Bike at a time.” Spin also recommends wearing a helmet in its published safety guide.

The NMSU office of Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management has also published a list of safety tips for scooter operators. This list includes the following tip:

“Wear a helmet at all times. Having your head hit the pavement (or a tree or sign post) at even 10 miles per hour can be fatal.”

Additionally, Spin publishes a safety blog that includes information about a scooter safety program that allows riders and non-riders alike to file an unsafe “incident report” that includes a GPS location tag.

News 22 interviewed Zack Jimenez, who witnessed the accident on campus today firsthand. “I like [the scooters], but people don’t use them how they’re supposed to,” Jimenez said.

There is no word on the condition of the student in the hospital.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Special thanks to News 22 for providing Kokopelli with the details of this story.

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