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The Stache Sports Podcast (Episode 9): Salvador Montes, Peter Carrillo and Michelle Salazar

The Stache sports podcast is brought to you exclusively by Kokopelli, your number one source for NMSU news.

Join host Abel Carrillo and co-host Leah Peery as they express their views and opinions on a wide variety of sports topics. The duo covers national and local sports topics with an emphasis on NMSU athletics.

Episode 9

It’s the end of an era. Abel Carrillo and Leah Peery hang up the headphones and talk about their plans after college. They are joined by three El Paso radio talents: Salvador Montes, Peter Carrillo and Michelle Salazar. Join The Stache hosts for a roundtable discussion complete with egos, passive aggressiveness and laughter. (Interview recorded May 4, 2018)

(Music courtesy of Salvador Montes)

Above: A podcast microphone and headset sit unused in the Kokopelli newsroom. The Stache sports podcast hosts Abel Carrillo and Leah Peery released their final episode of the show on Thursday, May 10. (Kokopelli Photo)

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