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They made Halloween great again!

According to a survey from the National Retail Foundation, about four percent of adults over 35 plan to wear a political costume this Halloween, making it the third most popular costume for older adults, behind pirates and witches.

“I’m going to do the whole Donald Trump costume this year because I think it’s going to be funny. Not only are the masks hilarious, but this election is pretty funny, too, and if you think about it $20 to $30 for a mask is a pretty good deal since that’s all you need for the costume,” said Dylan Jones, a customer at Spirit Halloween.

This year’s election has made a name for itself compared to previous years. It’s not only during Halloween that the candidates are made fun of, but you can also find videos and pictures all over social media websites such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. People have even gone out of their way to create memes of the candidates during debates that have them singing to each other instead of discussing political issues. It’s stuff like this that makes it harder for the public to take either of the candidates seriously.

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