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Turtles and Touchdowns to raise money for children in need

Turtles and Touchdowns, sponsored by the NMSU Gamma Xi chapter of the Delta Zeta sorority, will kick off Saturday, April 13, at 10 a.m. on the campus intramural fields.

This Saturday’s Turtles and Touchdowns philanthropic event will be hosted by the NMSU Gamma Xi chapter of Delta Zeta sorority. Proceeds from the event will go toward helping children with speech and hearing impairments. (Illustration by Kokopelli Staff)

This philanthropic flag football game costs $25 per person to enter, and will field teams of eight. Proceeds will go to organizations assisting with speech and hearing impairments such as the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Delta Zeta members will be tabling Friday, April 12, in front of Corbett Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to answer questions about the event.

NMSU Gamma Xi chapter philanthropy chairwoman Mackenzie Kieltyka said, “The name for the event was inspired by the sorority’s mascot, the turtle, and their involvement with a national camp program called The Painted Turtle, which benefits children with chronic or life-threatening conditions.”

NMSU Gamma Xi chapter president Isis Salgado said, “Events like these are fun and bring us closer together while making an impact on the community.” She also said Delta Zeta members are working nationwide to raise $5 million in pledges over five years. The funds will go toward the Starkey Hearing Foundation. They have raised $3.1 million so far. Salgado said a new total will be available at the end of the semester.

Delta Zeta member and Gamma Xi chapter treasurer Kierra Newsom said, “These philanthropic events make a huge impact and make you feel a part of something bigger than yourself. It’s also a fun way to get outside and meet other people and make those connections.”

More information about Delta Zeta’s partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation is available online. Also, the NMSU sorority recruitment page and the Gamma Xi chapter of Delta Zeta Instagram page provide information on how NMSU students can join Delta Zeta.

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