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Aggie Fashion Club to host annual sustainable fashion show

New Mexico State University’s Fashion Merchandising and Design program is hosting its fourth annual sustainable fashion show at 6 p.m. April 18, 2024. The “Book it to the Runway” catwalk uses submissions based on the designer’s book or novel of choice.

The student-run event will be hosted by the Aggie Fashion Club in the Corbett Center Student Union’s Aggie Lounge, and will feature clothing made from reusable or upcycled materials. All NMSU students are welcome to participate as models or designers, and may enter multiple designs into the show.

NMSU’s Aggie Fashion Club will host its annual sustainable fashion show in Corbett Center’s Aggie Lounge at 6 p.m., April 18, 2024.

Kelley Coffeen, an adviser to the Aggie Fashion Club and an NMSU professor, said this event brings awareness to the positive impact that can be made from upcycling or recycling everyday clothes. 

“The fashion industry has a history of not being friendly to the environment,” Coffeen said. “So, there’s a lot of issues with fast fashion that end up in landfills.”  

According to a pollution study regarding fast fashion, out of 100 billion garments, 92 million tons end up in landfills. Based on Action for the Climate Emergency research, degradation of these clothes in landfills releases methane 28 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Fast fashion emits greenhouse gases, having a massive impact on the environment by causing climate change and air pollution. 

This event brings awareness to how sustainable clothing purchases benefit the Earth, while also paying tribute to the talent of local and student designers.  

For months, designers have deliberated on ideas, curated abstract materials, and executed original designs. The student work is open to the public to enjoy the recyclable fashion catwalk with free entry. 

One student designer, Atlee Musgrave, designed four pieces based on the “Harry Potter” book series. Musgrave reused old fabrics that would otherwise be thrown away. “It will have been about six months in the making for these designs,” Musgrave said. After beginning the design process in November, Musgrave’s finished products will be modeled on Thursday, along with other student designers’ work.

Another designer, senior Maxine Lucero, submitted a piece inspired by “The Great Gatsby.” Lucero chose to curate a design made from jewelry pouches. “I used to work at this jewelry shop called Virgins Saints & Angels,” Lucero said. “All the pouches that I’m using, they were all defective.”  

Book It to the Runway will also feature a photo booth, live music, free flowers, and senior recognition. The seating will be limited, so the recommended arrival time is 10 minutes before the 6 p.m. event start time. 

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