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Podcast: Aggie Fit with Hanna and Jeff (Episode 1)

“Aggie Fit with Hanna and Jeff” is brought to you exclusively by Kokopelli, your number one source for NMSU news.

Join NMSU students Hanna McGowan and Jeffrey Hernandez as they discuss a wide variety of health and fitness-related topics. McGowan is a Division 1 scholarship athlete and all-around fitness guru, while Hernandez describes himself as an “average Aggie” who claims he is “not actively involved in staying fit.”

Episode 1

“Aggie Fit with Hanna and Jeff” hosts Hanna McGowan and Jeffrey Hernandez are pleased to release the inaugural episode of their exciting new podcast. In this episode, listeners will meet our show hosts and get a sneak peak at what the duo has planned for upcoming episodes this semester.

(Music Courtesy of Jeffrey Hernandez)

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