¡Andele! and Andele’s Dog House offer great food, drinks and atmosphere

¡Andele! Restaurant is mostly a family environment, but it is very accustomed to seeing college students go in and out of its doors. According to Yelp, ¡Andele! is rated the second-best Mexican restaurant in all of Las Cruces. Andele’s Doghouse is ranked No. 7. Both restaurants are owned by the same family, serve the same food, have the same hospitality and are located right next to each other.   

When we first arrived at our table, the host brought a cup of tortilla chips and menus. There is a salsa bar located in the restaurant where customers can choose what type of salsa they want with their chips. There are six different salsas to choose from, offering a range of spiciness levels.

Green chile enchiladas with beef and an over-easy egg at ¡Andele! Restaurant in Mesilla, New Mexico. (Photo by Michael Chavez/Kokopelli)

The menu consists of southwest Mexican food and offers a great environment to go along with it. ¡Andele! serves alcoholic beverages including buckets of beer.

The restaurant offers all-indoor dining. Andele’s Dog House offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Included with the indoor dining are TVs that show sporting events and other commercial programs. Very helpful waiters and waitresses seemed very engaged when checking on us at our table and with other customers.  

¡Andele! Restaurant is located in the Oñate Plaza right off Avenida de Mesilla in Mesilla, New Mexico. (Photo by Michael Chavez/Kokopelli)

Neither restaurant accepts over-the-phone reservations. If customers want to add their names to the waitlist, they must do so in person. Wait times to sit down at a table may be seen as a flaw at both restaurants. On average, the wait time is usually around 20-30 minutes, but varies depending on the time and day of the week. The busiest days tend to be weekends around 12 p.m. and at 6 p.m.

My order at the restaurant consisted of green chile enchiladas with beef and an over-easy egg. My food was served in a very reasonable amount of time along with my drinks. The plate came with rice and beans and was big enough to fill up anyone who eats there. The food was fresh and very appetizing, including the chips and salsa that looked and tasted homemade. 

I give ¡Andele! Restaurant my highest recommendation. The food, drinks and atmosphere are great. Maybe a couple inconveniences are no over-the-phone reservations and a long wait to get a table, but the food and atmosphere make these inconveniences seem very minimal.

I give ¡Andele! Restaurant 5 out of 5 tacos. 

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