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ASNMSU election results postponed

Due to ongoing violations hearings, the release of the 2024 Associated Students of New Mexico State University official election results has been postponed until April 19. ASNMSU student leaders released an informational Instagram post letting followers know the new release date for the official results has been pushed back to this Friday from the original release date of April 11.

This information comes after accusations of multiple election violations have been submitted to ASNMSU, allegedly against presidential candidate Ala Alhalholy. After voting had concluded on Friday, April 5, ASNMSU released the unofficial spring election results. Out of 1,781 student votes for ASNMSU president, Alhalholy secured 906.

According to Alhalholy, she has been disqualified from serving as president, despite winning the popular vote, and is preparing for her case appeal with the ASNMSU Supreme Court. Alhalholy said people were actively trying to keep her from winning, and that she received many hate comments, despite meeting all the eligibility requirements to run for president.

In an interview with Alhalholy, she explained how not being in Greek life may have affected her campaign. “I definitely felt like there was a target on my back, and there was,” Alhalholy said. “I received a lot of fake violations in hopes of disqualifying me.”  

“I definitely felt like there was a target on my back, and there was.”

Alhalholy is now working to file an appeal with the ASNMSU Supreme Court. Under ASNMSU bylaws, Alhalholy will have the opportunity to dispute her case, and possibly have a second chance to obtain the position of ASNMSU president. (See ASNMSU Bylaws, 4-4-3, Disqualification) 

“In hopes of the court overruling the decision, I encourage everyone who wants to make an impact on campus to run,” Alhalholy said. “I do believe that I was wrongfully accused of so many allegations, and if I become president, I will make sure this doesn’t happen to another student.”  

Alhalholy’s disqualification is similar to last year’s spring election results, when the unofficial winning candidates were informed that they did not meet undisclosed eligibility requirements and therefore would not be sworn in as ASNMSU president and vice president.  

According to ASNMSU, the official 2024 election results will be released to the public by the end of this week on Friday, April 19.  

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