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ASNMSU election winners disqualified over technicality

Last week’s ASNMSU election results have been overturned due to an eligibility mix-up. (Image courtesy of ASNMSU)

Two students elected to the office of president and vice president in last week’s Associated Students of New Mexico State University campus-wide election were disqualified Wednesday, April 26, from taking office due to an apparent technicality.

ASNMSU Attorney General Jay Choate notified Hiram Camarena and Fateh Aswad yesterday that they did not meet undisclosed eligibility requirements and therefore would not be sworn in as ASNMSU president and vice president, respectively.

Camarena and Aswad, who ran on a single ticket, received 911 total votes. Their opponents, Citlalli Benitez and Eduardo Gallegos, finished second with a total of 890 votes.

Due to Camarena’s and Aswad’s disqualifications, Benitez and Gallegos will assume the office of president and vice president respectively. The exact date they will assume office is yet to be determined pending a series of review sessions by members of the ASNMSU 66th Senate.

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