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First of All (Episode 4)

NMSU students Noah Apodaca, left, and Dolores Melchor have teamed up to produce a new Kokopelli original podcast titled, “First of All.” New episodes will air the first week of every month during the fall 2022 semester. (Kokopelli staff)

Join NMSU students Dolores Melchor and Noah Apodaca for “First of All,” a brand new conversational podcast about a variety of topics from entertainment to campus vibes to Las Cruces lifestyle and more! Look for a new episode to drop during the first week of every month right here on Kokopelli!

(Illustration by Dolores Melchor/Kokopelli)


Hey Aggies! The end of the year is finally here. Join Noah and Dolores as they reflect on the past year and give their take on their experiences and hopes for the new year.

(Music by Nomyn / Song title: “Lightness”) 

The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this podcast belong solely to the authors, and not necessarily to New Mexico State University, the NMSU Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Kokopelli, or any other organization, committee, group or individual.

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