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NMSU esports among best in Southwest

Story produced by Carpio Griego, Josh Jaeger, Marshall Mecham, and Adam Palomino

The NM State Esports team is well known across the Southwest. According to Alan Aguilar, NM State Esports vice president, the program is racking up tournament wins and making a name for itself in the world of competitive gaming.

“We are the best esports team in New Mexico, and one of the best in the Southwest,” Aguilar said. 

In 2022, the team won its third LevelNext twitter competition and the $15,000 payout that comes with it. Winning competitions and competing in tournaments not only raises money for the program, it also raises the team’s profile and helps the program to grow. 

Another way the program is pushing for growth and finding new talent is by hosting game nights where anyone is welcome to come and play many types of video games. These events can potentially lead to new hobbies for students, and could even provide a way for them to join the team.

On Friday, Oct. 6, 2023, the NMSU esports organization hosted an open game night on campus. Kokopelli staff reporters were on site to capture the sights and sounds of the experience.

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