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Podcast: Aggie Box Office Season 2 Finale (Part 1)

“Aggie Box Office” is back for another season of movie news and analysis. ABO is brought to you exclusively by Kokopelli, your number one source for NMSU news.

Hannah Jackosky, left, and Jeffrey Hernandez return for another season of Aggie Box Office. (Kokopelli photo)

Join NMSU students Jeffrey Hernandez and Hannah Jackosky as they discuss a variety of movie-related topics.

Episode 6 (Part 1) (Season 2)

In this edition of Aggie Box Office, Hannah and Jeff are closing out the year and semester with a very special two-part episode. In this first part, our hosts talk all about Christmas movies as well as a short review of what they’ve seen since the last episode. These Christmas movie rankings get a little dicey, as Hannah has some hot takes on her mind!

Don’t forget to check out the second part of this episode where Hannah and Jeff welcome another guest and get into one of the most talked about movies of the year!

(Song: Strange Movies/Artist: Half Cocked)

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