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Students ‘paint with light’

NMSU photojournalism students experimented with long exposures of up to 40 seconds in order to paint with light last Wednesday, Oct. 26. Students created words and other shapes using their cell phone flashlights with colored gels placed over them. Happy Halloween!

(Photos by Nuvia Aguero, Alex Baca, Mark Baugh, Bruce Berman, Nathaniel Bitting, Jewel Dominguez, Kaitlin “Slammer” Espiritu, Mark Esquibel, Victor Fierro, Leslie Gonzalez, Acey Hokit, Azalea Hughes, Elizabeth Kidd, Megan Kirchofer, Jessica Luna, Cailin Marquez, Dolores Melchor, Colton Montoya, Ivan Perea, Pablo Perea, Noah Raess, Elijah Reyes, Joseph Settle, Elena Sevostianova, Phuc Tran and Richard Wessel)

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  1. Student photographers rock!

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