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Top ranked Mexican restaurants in Las Cruces

A Google search for “Mexican restaurants in Las Cruces” yields a list of close to 90 eating establishments. With so many restaurants to choose from, deciding where to dine when you’re craving Mexican cuisine can be a difficult task.

According to Yelp, the top 10 best Mexican restaurants in Las Cruces, New Mexico, as of April 25, 2022, are as follows:

01. La Nueva Casita Café

02. Habanero’s Fresh Mex

03. ¡Andele! Restaurant

04. Chope’s Town Bar & Café

05. La Posta de Mesilla

06. Chala’s Wood Fire Grill

07. Andele’s Doghouse

08. Tacos and Shell-ah’s

09. Sí Señor

10. El Jacalito

A handful of Kokopelli reporters fanned out last week with the goal of eating at as many of the restaurants on the list above as possible. They made it to four, including three of the top five.

Click on the restaurant reviews below to find out if these four local faves live up to all the hype. 

La Nueva Casita Café: Great food, even better service

La Nueva Casita Café is located in the Historic Mesquite District along the original Camino Real route, and has served ...

El Jacalito holds up

Rated among the top 10 restaurants on Yelp for best Mexican food in Las Cruces, and in a town filled ...

¡Andele! and Andele’s Dog House offer great food, drinks and atmosphere

¡Andele! Restaurant is mostly a family environment, but it is very accustomed to seeing college students go in and out ...

Habanero’s lives up to its ranking

Habanero's Fresh Mex restaurant is currently ranked the second-best Mexican food restaurant in Las Cruces, and I can see why ...

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